Sunshine Coast Equine Veterinary Clinic


Sunshine Coast Equine Veterinary Clinic has a dedicated in-house laboratory with the latest haematology and biochemistry analysers allowing us to give prompt and accurate results which is especially important when dealing with sick and critically ill animals.

In addition, we offer serum amyloid A testing which is a relatively new but extremely sensitive test that detects infectious processes in the very early stages often before other blood parameters begin to change.

We also perform pre-mating clitoral and uterine swabs which are often a prerequisite for many studs.

Vetnostics and Idexx

Routine and Equine Performance Profiles

As well as routine blood profiles we also offer equine performance profiles to ensure your horse is at its maximum fitness and health so that it can perform at its optimum.

With horses now living longer due to education, nutrition and better management we also offer dedicated geriatric blood profiles.

Additional laboratory services include worm egg counts, fecal floats, urine analysis and skin scrapings.

For more specialised tests we have access to both Vetnostics and Idexx who collect from the clinic on request.

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