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Prepurchase Examinations

"It is hard enough to find a sound horse without buying one with unknown problems."

If you are looking to purchase a new horse, we strongly recommend you undertake a prepurchase examination to assess the suitability of the horse for the discipline you wish to participate in. A prepurchase examination will also help you find a horse that is sound or will, at the very least, make you aware of issues you need to take into consideration when deciding to purchase a horse.

Internationally recognised

5 Stage Examination

A prepurchase examination is an internationally recognised 5 stage examination that includes a comprehensive health check, detailed examination of the hooves and limbs including flexion tests, examination at exercise and when the horse cools off.

Depending on the intended purpose the horse is being purchased for, and the value of the horse, other diagnostics may be added to the examination including x-rays, endoscopy of the upper airway, ultrasound of the tendons or other tests as determined necessary.

This examination often picks up early-stage or potential problems thereby avoiding unforeseen expenses in the future, not to mention the disappointment of having a horse that is unsuitable for its intended purpose due to ongoing unsoundness.

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