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Our Story

Upon relocating to the Sunshine Coast, Tony Doherty purchased North Coast Equine Veterinary practice in 2001. At the time of purchasing the practice, it was a small operation located in the current street we currently operate out of.

As Tony started to build the practice and his reputation as a skilled equine veterinary surgeon became known across the region, he soon needed to relocate to larger premises that would accommodate his growing team.

In 2008 he purchased the property, where he is still located today, and opened a surgical and medical clinic in 2009 along with an associated small animal clinic.

Our Story Continued

Equine Veterinary Specialists

Sunshine Coast Equine Veterinary Clinic is the only equine surgical clinic on the Sunshine Coast with three highly experienced equine veterinarians and five vet nurses.

The clinic treats all types of horses across disciplines, including performance horses, and uses the most up to date diagnostic equipment.

In addition, Tony officiates as the vet ‘on course’ at the Sunshine Coast Turf Club on a regular basis.

Services We Provide

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Equine surgery is a specialized field of veterinary science that requires extensive knowledge and skill.

At our equine veterinary clinic, we are proud to offer a wide range of surgical services for horses in our dedicated surgical facility

Our team of experienced equine surgeons is highly skilled in providing the best possible outcome for every patient. Whether it is a routine procedure or a complex surgical procedure, our team will take the time to discuss the best treatment plan with you and your horse.

Depending on the procedure, we perform surgeries both standing under sedation or recumbent under full general anaesthesia which is administered and monitored by experienced veterinarians.

For more complex and unusual cases we have specialist equine surgeons who both consult and operate at our clinic on a regular basis

Our facilities have the latest equipment including a fully padded induction and recovery room and a modern operating theatre complete with a padded hydraulic operating table.

Equine internal medicine is an area of equine medicine dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the internal organs and major body systems of horses.

Our experienced and qualified team can provide the latest comprehensive care for horses with a variety of conditions, including colic, laminitis, endocrine diseases, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, and digestive diseases. Along with excellent clinical skills we employ the latest technology including digital radiology (x-rays), ultrasound and endoscopy.

Our on-site, in-house laboratory gives us virtually instant test results for many conditions thus avoiding unnecessary delays in diagnosis which may often prove to be life-saving.

We offer a comprehensive ambulatory service from Caboolture to Cooroy and inland to Woodford and Wauran. Our ambulatory service not only covers routine health checks, annual vaccination, dentals but medical problems, lameness evaluation and reproductive services.

Using the latest technology our experienced team can perform a wide variety of services including xrays, ultrasound both of soft tissue and for reproduction and breeding, video endoscopy and dental power float at your property.

As part of the service, we will answer your questions and discuss the best options for your horse’s health and well-being.

Equine lameness is one of the most common problems encountered by both horse owners and vets and often requires a disciplined and systemic approach in order to correctly diagnose the cause of the lameness. Detailed lameness workups which often involve the use of nerve blocks to pin point the seat of lameness are usually undertaken at the clinic with our dedicated trot-up area.

Podiatry is an area of veterinary medicine and lameness diagnosis that focuses on the hoof and its delicate internal structures, as it is often a common site of lame and as the old adage states “No foot no horse”. The hoof is also the site of some  `abscess th career ending conditions like navicular syndrome to the life-threatening and extremely debilitating and painful condition of laminitis. Due to the importance of the hoof, we work closely with farriers and have a master farrier who is available at our clinic for all remedial shoeing

Our team of qualified vets will work to identify the underlying cause of lameness in your horse as well as identify any underlying issues that may be contributing to the lameness.

Once a diagnoses is made we will also provide and/or oversee the necessary treatments, be they medical, corrective shoeing, therapeutic trimming, and other treatments to help rresolve the lameness.

Equine dentistry is an important aspect of horse care aimed at maintaining healthy teeth and gums, allowing your horse to eat properly, and maintaining overall good health, and should be performed by a qualified veterinarian.

Most adult horses should have a routine dental on an annual basis. Horse’s teeth unlike human teeth continue to grow through the life of the horse and as a result can become sharp and painful or misaligned. This is not only painful for the horse but may affect performance due to its affect on the bit seat, not to mention the waste of money through food passing through your horse undigested.

Equine reproduction is the process of breeding horses to produce a good healthy foal.

At Sunshine Coast Equine Veterinary Clinic we are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of breeding, from the selection of breeding stock to the care and management of pregnant mares and newborn foals.

As part of our service, we provide pre-breeding soundness exams, synchronising mares for walk-on coverings at a stud or artificial insemination (AI) with fresh, chilled and frozen semen at our clinic.

We also provide reproductive care for pregnant mares, from nutritional advice and management of the pregnancy to delivery of the foal and post-partum care. Our team of experienced equine vets is dedicated to providing the best reproductive care for your horses.

Diagnostic imaging is an important tool that veterinarians use to help diagnose and treat a variety of conditions in horses. It can provide a detailed look at both the structure and function of the body, giving us the information we need to make an accurate diagnosis and plan effective treatment.

Diagnostic imaging can be used to evaluate many different aspects of your horse’s health, including organ function and structure, musculoskeletal issues, tumors, and more. It can also be used to monitor the animal’s progress over time, allowing us to adjust treatments as needed.

Diagnostic imaging is a safe and effective tool that helps us provide the best care possible for your horse.

Vaccinations are an important tool in helping to protect horses from preventable diseases and illnesses. Vaccines are designed to stimulate the horse’s immune system, enabling it to recognize, fight, and defend itself against certain diseases.

Vaccinating horses can help reduce the risk of certain deadly diseases, as well as reducing the severity of symptoms if the horse does become infected.

Vaccinating horses can also help protect other horses on the premises and reduce the spread of disease. Vaccinations are an important part of a horse’s overall health and wellbeing, and should be considered an essential part of horse care.

If you are looking to purchase a new horse, we strongly recommend you undertake a prepurchase examination to assess the suitability of the horse for the discipline you wish to participate in.

A prepurchase examination is an internationally recognised 5 stage examination which includes a comprehensive health check, detailed examination of the hooves and limbs including flexion tests, examination at exercise and when the horse cools off.

Depending on the intended purpose the horse is being purchased for and the value of the horse other diagnostics may be added into the examination such as x-rays, endoscopy of the upper airway, ultrasound of the tendons etc.

This examination often picks up early stage or potential problems thereby avoiding unforeseen expenses in the future not to mention the disappointment of having a horse which is unsuitable for its intended purpose due to ongoing unsoundness.

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