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Lameness and Podiatry

Equine lameness is one of the most common problems encountered by both horse owners and vets and often requires a disciplined and systemic approach in order to correctly diagnose the cause of the lameness. Detailed lameness workups which often involve the use of nerve blocks to pin-point the seat of lameness are usually undertaken at the clinic with our dedicated trot-up area.

Podiatry is an area of veterinary medicine and lameness diagnosis that focuses on the hoof and its delicate internal structures, as it is often a common site of lameness and, as the old adage states “No foot no horse”.

The hoof is also the site of some common conditions including abscesses, career ending conditions like navicular syndrome to the life-threatening and extremely debilitating and painful condition of laminitis. 

Due to the importance of the hoof, we work closely with farriers and have a master farrier who is available at our clinic for all remedial shoeing.

lameness diagnosis

Equine Lameness

Our team of qualified vets will work to identify the underlying cause of lameness in your horse as well as identify any underlying issues that may be contributing to the lameness.

Once a diagnosis is made we will provide and/or oversee the necessary treatments, be they medical, corrective shoeing, therapeutic trimming, or other treatments to help resolve the lameness.

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